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The BayNorth Church of Christ has been a member of the Fairfield city community for 17 years. In that time, we have not only served our partitioners but we have also served the community. Our Senior Minister Sam Morris has worked tirelessly with the city of Fairfield serving on numerous boards and commissions. We have partnered with organizations all over the city to help those who find themselves in need. We have worked with Community Action providing financial support for rent and utility assistance. Our most recent partnership includes the Solano Dream Team, which sponsors a nomadic shelter in the winter months. BayNorth houses homeless on Wednesday nights providing a place to shower have dinner, breakfast, and a bag lunch. We have served as an emergency center during natural disasters and fed the National Guard in the Northern California Firestorm in Solano County in October of 2017. Living is loving is best shown in action. We at the BayNorth Church of Christ are committed to those actions that say we love one another and we love our community.